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Age 5+
Grade PK-2

Wayne Lynch

Whose Tail is This?

Paperback (Whitecap Books March 2, 2011) , 1 edition

Tails for swimming, tails for balancing, tails like flags that lead the way. In Whose Tail Is This? some of the world's most fascinating tails are on display in all their bushy, scaly, or waggly glory. Following the same formula children loved in the previous seven books in his animal series, in Whose Tail Is This? Wayne Lynch asks children to identify everything from beluga whales to chameleons from up-close pictures of just their tails. With each turn of the page, a vivid color photograph of the entire animal is revealed. Accompanied by fun-filled facts and intriguing text, Whose Tail Is This? captivates young readers and introduces them to birds, animals, and reptiles from around the world.

About the Whose? Animals series: Author and photographer Wayne Lynch reveals the world of wild animals. Each creature is introduced by showing a photo highlighting one feature and some clues. Then the complete animal is pictured along with more facts.

Whose? Animal Series
1770500081 / 9781770500082
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7.9 x 0.2 in.

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