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Age 4+

Pam Adams

There Were Ten in a Bed

Hardcover (Childs Play Intl Ltd June 15, 1979)
This book helps children to count forwards and backwards using numbers to ten with the added element of music. Like other books in this series, it is a pattern book with a verse repeating over and over so any child can quickly sing along. The multi-national children are on a dial at the back of the book so as one falls out you turn the dial. The next page shows the child on the floor with the others that fell out. Match the child on the floor to the children on the dial and you have numbers up to nineteen. Numbers in a sequence are merely a rhyme or verse to children until they can match "things" to the numbers...Eight children, count them as 8 not just as the middle word in a line "7-8-9. This book also lends itself well to a social studies lesson when used in conjunction with a map.
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0859530957 / 9780859530958
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0.5 x 6.8 in.

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