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BJ Rowley
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Golden Wings Enterprises
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Grade 4-6

BJ Rowley


Paperback (Golden Wings Enterprises March 9, 2001)

Stephen Ray Fischer, otherwise known as Sting, has a very annoying little ‘thing’ about him. He can’t seem to touch anyone without shocking them—literally. Even with rubber-soled shoes and standing on plain dirt or cement, everybody gets zapped.

It’s not serious, of course. Kids do it all the time. But not ALL the time.

Now, as a junior in his small-town high school, Sting’s schoolmates have long since learned to keep a wide berth, and as a result, true friends are hard to come by. The taunting and teasing are relentless, especially when Sting’s little ‘stings’ start getting a little out of hand.

After a curious incident with a high voltage power line, Sting finds he’s suddenly becoming more and more electrically charged. Lights turn off and on, clocks spin like wall fans, radios and TVs change channels. Something very weird is happening, and Sting has no idea what it is or what to do about it. He’s becoming dangerous to be around. There’s even talk of having him put away.

Only one girl, a newcomer named Connie Phillips, has compassion for the walking, human lightening bolt. And her father, a retired scientist with a very mysterious past, takes the supercharged Sting under his wing and into his confidence as he works secretly on his ‘project’ in the garage.

Then life gets complicated.

Sting’s jolted and electrocuted peers decide to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget. Some unnamed government agencies from the big city want Sting locked up for scientific study. Church members want him ‘Ex’ed. And a smooth talking businessman—with bodyguards—wants to ‘employ’ Sting for reasons he can’t even begin to imagine.

And as if that weren’t enough, Mr. Phillips’ project—a top secret, uniquely modified, VERY supercharged Corvette Stingray—has suddenly disappeared. Vanished!

And all fingers point to Sting Ray Fischer.

0970010303 / 9780970010308
24.0 oz.
8.9 x 6.0 in.