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LOL Funny Jokes Club, Ryan Sitzberger

Thanksgiving Jokes

Audiobook (LOL Funny Jokes Club Nov. 2, 2017) , Unabridged

This hilarious audiobook is great for long trips, waiting rooms, and listening aloud at home with friends and family!

  • Funny Thanksgiving jokes for kids
  • Cute and silly jokes to keep kids entertained
  • Hilarious jokes, puns, comedy, and Halloween humor
  • Excellent for text messages and funny status updates

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With this awesome collection of funny Thanksgiving jokes and holiday humor you can make everyone laugh!

Q: What’s the difference between Halloween and Thanksgiving? A: One has goblins and one has gobblers!

Q: What did the math teacher bring to the Thanksgiving meal? A: Pumpkin pi!

Q: What was the turkey’s ring tone? A: Wing! Wing!

Q: What was the turkey’s favorite dessert? A: Blueberry gobbler!

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