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Age 4-8
Grade 3-4

Rebecca Sabelko


Paperback (Bellwether Media Aug. 1, 2019)
The stegosaurus is known for the row of tall plates that stick out of its back. But this dinosaur had many other fascinating traits! Using a pointed beak and long tail spikes, the stegosaurus found food and warded off predators as it made its way through the world of dinosaurs. This fascinating text takes readers on a journey through that world, focusing on the life, diet, and extinction of the mighty stegosaurus. Special features include maps, a pronunciation guide, a diet graphic, and a two-page profile to show off the stegosauruss best features!

Movies and television shows have turned people of all ages into dinosaur fanatics. But what were these prehistoric creatures really like, and what wiped them out? This high-interest series explores the lives of world-famous dinosaurs, from diets to defenses, and examines what drove these great beasts to extinction. Maps, size comparisons, and other special features help bring the exciting world of dinosaurs to life!

World of Dinosaurs
1618917293 / 9781618917294
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7.1 x 0.2 in.

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