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I'm Telling the Truth: A First Look at Honesty

Age 4+
Grade 1-2

Pat Thomas, Lesley Harker

I'm Telling the Truth: A First Look at Honesty

Paperback (B.E.S. Publishing April 1, 2006)
Children are shown that although being honest can be hard sometimes, it is worth it. Everyone likes people who speak the truth and keep their word. Kids learn that when we all practice being honest, the world becomes a fairer and happier place to live in. Titles in the popular "A First Look At" series for pre-school and early-grades kids explore emotional issues, encouraging children to discuss things that bother them with trusted adults. The series also helps them begin to develop basic social skills. Written by a psychotherapist and child counselor, these books promote positive interaction among children, parents, and teachers. They are written in easy-to-comprehend language, and have child-friendly illustrations on every page.
A First Look AtÂ...Series
0764132148 / 9780764132148
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9.5 x 0.2 in.

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