Why Readling?

  • The best reading App is the one that understands a child's unique reading level and interests. With Readling, take a quiz and you're done. AI will pick the just right ones from the curated best quality books for your children.

  • The best learning App is the one that knows your child's progress. With Readling, scan their books and you're set. Readling will visualizes your child's reading progress from detailed real-time statistics.

Why Reading is So Important?

Every child has a "plastic" brain. With the word "plastic", we don't mean bags or containers, what we refer to here is Brain Plasticity--also called neuroplasticity.

Brain plasticity is a common term used by neuroscientists, referring to the brain’s ability to change at any age—for better or worse. As you would imagine, this flexibility plays an incredibly important role in our brain development (or decline) and in shaping our distinct personalities.

Children who constantly learn new things, embark on new adventures, show an inquisitive and explorative spirit are at a perfect time of brain growth.

READLING believes that reading books is the best way to support their learning adventures.

Carol Dweck, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, has developed a theory of mindset which is defined as follows “In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.”

When a child opens the first page of a book, he/she is at the starting point of new information and he/she explores while he/she goes through every page until he/she accomplishes his/her journey by finishing the book.

Every parent is awesome, but not one parent can be an expert in all areas. Every teacher is experienced, but not one teacher can be professional in all subjects.

However, authors of books are. With numerous intelligent authors who are experts from their own areas, children are lucky enough to be exposed to and enlightened by all different kinds of knowledge.

How to Light Up Children's Passion Towards Books?

Children were born to be curious in this new world. However not every child was born to be a reader. We have to find out reasons why they don't like reading before we start to figure out how we are going to help them.

  • Books are too hard. If a child is reading a book with a lot of new vocabulary, he/she will feel frustrated during the reading experience. Meanwhile, if the story line is interrupted by many unknown words, he/she will easily lose his/her interests in the story he/she is reading. Moreover, he/she will lose his/her confidence in reading if he/she has too many barriars which in the end may result in his/her misunderstanding of himself/herself, believing that he/she does not like reading. Reading barriars include not only new vocabulary, but also social understanding, personal experiences, and other factors.
  • Books are too easy. If a child reads a book that was read many times and has no new information in it, he may feel bored and subsequently refuse to read. Easy does not refer only to vocabulary, but also complexity of the story, characters, contents and others.
  • Books are talking about things in which they are not interested. Parents always want children to read good books in their perspective and they pick books for their kids according to their own preferences. However, everyone is unique. Children have their own tastes towards books. Parents may try to introduce children books that parents prefer, however, children's own preferences shall always be the most important fact to be considered while choosing books for them to read.

Therefore, READLING believes in order to light up children's passion towards books, we need to find them JUST-RIGHT books according to their own interests.

What READLING do to Help?

  • We designed a scientific reading level assessment and we provide just-right smartpicks upon the assessment results.
  • We consolidated our books database with AI technology to optimize the book recommendation.
  • We encourage children to read more by providing just-right books from our database with millions of children's books.
  • We collect statistics related to kids' reading history in order to visualize children's progress.
  • We keep you a record of children's reading results for you.
  • We help organize your personal library.

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