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    Recommendations for books for 13 year old to teach “Empathy” please

    Hi Mila, there are quite a few books with messages about empathy and caring.  Hope these books can help!  
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    Recommendations for books for 13 year old to teach “Empathy” please View as Booklist

    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for books to teach “Empathy” and care for older people/ handicapped. My older son is a teenager ( in grade 9 ) gettting very self absorbed and I am worried. He is nerd, reads just a lot Science Fiction, Codes, plays chess so a too much alone time. 
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    Has anyone read or have any input on Mo Willems Elephant and Piggie series?

    My 3 years old girl loves it so much. She literally laugh out loud when I read every book for her. I love this set for the illustration and the story. It mostly only draw the elephant and the pig figure with minimum background. The elephant and pig have very rich facial expressions and body movement which are the exact two things kids focus on during interaction. My daughter loves to perform the story. She plays pig, I play elephant or we exchange. For the story, I found it usually starts with some conflicts, but in the end, there's not only a solution but a very happy ending turns conflict into an opportunity to make new friends or improve friendships (just like when you change the way to treat a situation, a new door opens for you). Rather than just solve the conflict, it makes kids forget the conflict and focus on a warm picture. This kind of happy ending is more than ideal for kids. It's definitely what kids are looking forward to everyday during all of their interaction with people. So my daughter would laugh for every story because it's funny while satisfying her feelings. Not saying the well known advantage like the language is simpler than simple that my staying at home for 10 months bilingual girl understands at least 90% of every book. And I would love have these books to help my daughter learning story telling hopefully in some time soon.