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    Kid Tea

    Elizabeth Ficocelli, Glin Dibley

    Hardcover (Two Lions, March 1, 2007)
    Monday, fun day, mud-pies-in-the-sun day. What do you get when you dunk two muddy kids in a bathtub full of clean water? Kid Tea! The water in the tub changes color to match the food the brother and sister ate or the things they played with during the day. Brown for mud, purple for popsicles—a different color of "kid tea" for each day of the week! Kids will enjoy the repetitive, sing-song text: "Dunk me in the tub, please, for blue kid tea!" Glin Dibley’s playful art rendered in acrylic, color pencil, and digital techniques lends a hand in helping children learn about colors and the days of the week.
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    Tea Rex

    Molly Idle

    Hardcover (Viking Books for Young Readers, April 9, 2013)
    Some tea parties are for grown-ups.Some are for girls.But this tea party is for a very special guest.And it is important to follow some rules . . . like providing comfortable chairs,and good conversation,and yummy food.But sometimes that is not enough for special guests,especially when their manners are more Cretaceous than gracious . . .Introducing Tea Rex, a guest that just about any child would love to have to tea!
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    S. E. Hinton

    Paperback (Delacorte Press, Aug. 6, 2013)
    From the best-selling author of The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton's Tex explores friendships, conflict, depression, self-destructive behavior, and truth and acceptance. This edition includes a new and exclusive Author's Note.Easygoing and reckless, Tex, likes everyone and everything, especially his horse, Negrito, and Johnny Collins' blue-eyed sister, Jamie. Life with his older brother, Mason, would be just about perfect if only he would stop complaining about Pop, who hasn't been home in five months. While Mason worries about paying the bills and getting a basketball scholarship--his ticket out of Oklahoma--Tex just seems to attract trouble. When everything seems to be falling apart, how can Tex find a way to keep things together?