• Looking for help leveling books for a school take home library

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    I am in charge of the Take Home Library at my kids' elementary school. We just recieved a generous donation of books to supply the library. We ahve many by The Wright Group and while there are levels on the back, we aren't sure how to level them with our library. I am looking for a Guided Reading Level comparison with these Wright Group book. Like if I have a Wright Group book at Level 1 Set E it falls in Level F of the Guided Reading Level. That was just an example of what I need. I have thirty of so sets of books I am looking to level. Can anyone help?

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    Hi Lindquist,

    Thank you for the question. Please find the attached Correlation Chart.

    We have been using Readling App to level thousands of books in the school library and we level all books in Guided Readling Level. With Readling App, you may just scan the book and the leveling can be quick. If you want to know more details, please feel free to send messeges to us throught Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/readubooks/ .

    We are always happy to help!

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