• READU Book Club Meetup #27 (June 19th, 2022)

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    Swiss Family Robinson

    Johann David Wyss, Chris Tait - adaptation, Rebecca K. Reynolds, Oasis Audio

    Audiobook (Oasis Audio, Oct. 1, 2019)
    A shipwreck; a deserted island; a single family, wondering if they can survive. Rich in suspense and surprises, The Swiss Family Robinson entices young listeners to come along on a wonderful adventure, where each moment brings a new thrill. Featuring amazingly resourceful characters and a wondrous landscape bursting with exotic wildlife and plants, it’s an irresistible tale of ingenuity. Adapted from the Johann David Wyss original by Chris Tait.
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    Night Journeys


    Paperback (HarperCollins, Jan. 5, 2000)
    The year is 1768. In eight years, the American Revolution will begin. Newly orphaned, Peter York has been adopted by a deeply religious Quaker fame. Peter chafes under his new guardian's strict and unyielding views and vows to break away. He sees his chance when two runaway indentured servants are reported to be fleeing through his community. If he catches one, there will be a reward -- and freedom. But capturing the runaways leads to consequences -- and choices -- Peter cannot foresee.