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One Book a Day - You Matter

Oct 08 2020 by readling 193 views

Today is You Matter To Me Day. You Matter To Me Day is a day to remind all people you love that they are important to you. Sometimes this warm reminder can make huge difference to make others feeling valued. No matter who you are, YOU MATTER.

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"Those who swim with the tide and those who don't. The first to go and the last. You matter." 
Christian Robinson, You Matter

For today's book recommendation, we invite you to check out You Matter, a book by New York Times Bestselling author and illustrator, Christian Robinson. It is a very cute story that tackles loneliness and makes sure that everyone knows they matter. Sometimes we don't know how to convey our love or concern to others. Fortunately, books help in bringing people messages we hope them to embrace. You Matter is a special book about the importance of different perspectives, how everyone is connected, and that everyone matters. It is rich in objectively hilarious visual humor, anchored by simple, thoughtful and compassionate text, which adds up to something that is perfect and unexpected. If you haven't read this one yet, please put it on your list.

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