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One Book a Day - Leaf Man

Oct 07 2020 by readling 199 views

Mother Nature has such a beautiful box of crayons. When fall comes, She paints the earth tangerine. What's your favorite part about fall? Crunchy leaves, cool breeze, or fresh air? This time of the year is perfect for starting over and it shows us how beautiful it is to let go things.

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The whimsical book Leaf Man by Lois Elhert is wonderfully evocative of fall. As fall returns, so does Leaf Man. No one knows where Leaf Man is going, but they know he will come. The Leaf Man travels across the countryside as the wind blows him. That is to say, he has no travel plans but an eye for serendipities and the appreciation of surprising visual pleasures of the world. The text is simple, yet full of information about direction and habitats. The illustrations are photographs and they are labeled with the different types of leaves. The native wildlife of ducks, turkey and fish are constructed from bright fall leaves, and readers will enjoy identifying each animal from the leaves on the page. The colorful book shows the author’s fantastic mastery of collage in a gorgeous celebration of fall foliage. A great book to educate them on leaves!

"Maybe Leaf Man's gliding on a lake breeze or flying along the river, following butterflies going south. Well, a Leaf Man's got to go where the wind blows." 
Lois Elhert, Leaf Man

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