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Best Leveled Book for World Egg Day

Oct 09 2020 by readling 224 views

Today is World Egg Day. Eggs are always part of our life, being one of nature’s highest quality sources of protein which contain many of the key ingredients for life. Eggs symbolize new beginnings or new life. Let's read and find more about eggs.

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"He still heard his mother's voice--'Davey'--rise like whisper-dust from unseen corners in the house, but it was no longer the only voice he heard. His ears were also filled with the voices of others--his father and Primrose and Refrigerator John and his grandmother. Of course, all of their words for a thousand years could not fill the hole left by his mother, but they could raise a loving fence around it so he didn't keep falling in."
Jerry Spinelli, Eggs

David met Primrose at the Easter Egg hunt, who are looking for new life. Eggs are delicate, but the shell is also relatively strong. A tough shell is often used to cover up our sensitive insides.

Primrose and David use their anger at people and each other as their tough shells covering up what they really are beneath their shells.

In the young adult novel Eggs by Jerry Spinelli, we may find inspiring egg metaphors in the two protagonists' experience. Eggs is a touching and thought-provoking novel about two very complicated, damaged children, Primrose and David. Each of them are trying to grow up fast in order to fulfill the lost of the parents through death and mind. They both plan a journey away from their "normal" world. Egg signifies the result of happiness. Happiness is not as easy as it seems to achieve. There will be ups and downs along the way. As Primrose and David find each other they see that life is short, but they can live a long life by experiencing laughter and smiles. In the end, they find the answer to their many adventures, so they wave back, breaking through the eggshell and being reborn as lively chirping chicks. 

This is an excellent book and is worth a read.

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