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Best Leveled Book for International Day of Failure

Oct 14 2020 by readling 199 views

October 13th is the day to celebrate our shortcomings and failures, share our experiences and promote the understanding of failure as a crucial learning experience. There is no success without the possibility of failure. They were born together, like twins. Day for Failure is the best day to read and understand that mistakes can be beautiful when they take you to success.

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β€œOnly those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”
- Robert F. Kennedy

This is a beautiful book with Beautiful Oops.

Barney Saltzberg has created an interactive journal which is filled with folded, crumpled, die-cut, and lift-the flap pages. This book encourages young readers to imagine, play and express themselves through Beautiful Oops.

Do you happen to have a kid who strives for perfection? Do you happen to have a kid who gets frustrated whenever he or she makes a mistake?

This shall be the right book for him or her to enjoy and be released.

Follow your creativity and curiosity, you will be free!

It is mistakes that leads to perfection.

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    Barney Saltzberg

    Beautiful Oops!

    Hardcover (Workman Publishing Company Sept. 23, 2010)