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Best Leveled Book for I Love Yarn Day

Oct 11 2020 by readling 263 views

Today is I Love Yarn Day. The holiday is all about celebrating our love for yarn and fiber arts! Yarn is such a lovely substance that we all interweave into our lives. Some people love yarn because it gives them a creative outlet and a great sense of happiness. After a long day, coming home to the beautiful display of yarn warms their spirit. Why do you love yarn? To Annabelle, the protagonist in book Extra Yarn, yarn is adorable for its blazing with colors.

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"This looks like an ordinary box full of ordinary yarn.
But it turns out it isn't.
Mac Barnett, Extra Yarn

Extra Yarn is a timeless fairytale. It tells the story of sweet Annabelle who lives in a cold and dreary town with her little dog called Mars. Everything around her that isn't covered in snow seems to be a shade of black or grey - the trees, the buildings, the clothes...However, one day she finds a magic box of endless yarn and never runs out, so she makes herself and everyone around her clothes from the yarn. She's generous and friendly. She stands by what she's doing. When the evil archduke urges her to sell her box, does she bend to the pressure?

This book is filled with Klassen's beautiful illustrations, revealing just enough detail to enhance the emotions laid out by Barnett's flawlessly simple words. It is a gem to be enjoyed for years as the meaning gradually reveals itself to you as you grow in age and life experience.

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    Mac Barnett, Jon Klassen

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