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Oct 25 2020 by readling 113 views

On October 25th, 1881, a boy was born who later became one of the most famous artists in the world. This Spanish artist is Pablo Picasso. We celebrate International Artist’s Day on October 25th to honor artists and all the contributions they make.

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Art is never finished, only abandoned.
― Leonardo da Vinci

If you are looking for the entire history f the greatest works in painting, sculpture, and photography, then this book is the right pick.

This is a comprehensive, colorful journey with stunning art works.

Every artistic style and movement is explored and explained in amazing detail from the first strokes of paint on prehistoric caves to contemporary street art in the 21st century. Every life of groundbreaking painter, sculptor and photographer is depicted in this book with best-loved pieces of art showcased in iconic pictures.

Through arts, artists express their feeling and understanding of this world, and through arts, we feel and learn more about history.

Read and enjoy the beauty of arts!

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