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Best Leveled Book for Extra Mile Day

Nov 01 2020 by readling 170 views

"Extra Mile Day" (November 1, 2020) was started by Extra Mile America which is a nonprofit profit organization that helps empower people, organizations, communities as well as our cities, inspiring them to "go the extra mile". This is the day to look in the mirror and ask, ”What else can I do to make my life better or help my community? What can I do to 'go the extra mile'?"

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“Our work is inspired by the belief that going the extra mile opens doors to new possibilities. Going the extra mile improves the results we find in life, both professionally and personally…it allows us to make a difference in our community and in our world.”
Shawn Anderson

Life is like a high wire. Everyone has his or her own high wire hanging there. With our dreams floating right at the other end of the high wire, we strive to conquer our fear. We often fall but we don't give up.

Mirette goes an extra mile by helping her coach who has lost faith. How does that work out?

Read this inspiring book to find out!

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