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Book Series for 5th Graders

Book Series Recommendation with reading levels (One Book from each series is picked). Non-fictions are included too. Click open one book and search similar books under series for more books under the same series.

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[Grades: 5-6] Children's Astronomy Books

May 2nd is Astronomy Day. We prepared books for curious minds to discover more about sky, moon, planets in the universe and everything far above in the sky.

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All of the Warriors books you can find (excuding super editions, manga, and novellas)!

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[Grades 5-6] Best Father's Day Books

Say thank you to Dad with one of these books. Melt daddy's heart with a sweetest book ever!

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Anti-Bullying Books

Stand Up. Speak Out. Stop Bullying Together. Books are listed in the order of reading levels.

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Halloween Comics

Halloween comics

24 Books

Science Comics series

Science is everything but boring!

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[Grades 5-6] Great Books to Read in May

It's May. It's time to hug all moms and say Happy Mother's Day! Read a book with moms and immerse in a sea of happiness.Important days you may want to read about: Baby Day (May 2nd), Cinco de Mayo (May …