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The Alicorn Court: A Fae Academy Shifter Paranormal Romance

Megan Linski, Hidden Legends

The Alicorn Court: A Fae Academy Shifter Paranormal Romance

language ( June 19, 2021)

Soulmates battle against darkness.


There was a time I thought love would last forever, but that love has turned to shadow.

My friends and I are in a race against time to save the fae from a future of destruction. If we’re to survive, we must unite the six Crystals of Harmony. It’s rumored the next stone is hidden deep within the Alicorn Court-- a secret fae society that’s more myth than reality.

Transfixed by strange visions, Odette may know the location of the Alicorn Court. But if the court deems us unworthy, our mission to find them could be our last.


A darkness has devoured me, making my very existence a fight for my soul.

Black magic is warring against the man I used to be. If I’m going to stop the demons in my head, I need Emma at my side. Otherwise, I’m doomed to a hell I won’t escape.

But my actions have pushed her love aside. There’s only one way to mend things between me and my true mate. If it doesn’t work, I’ll be doomed to live as a beast forever.


Arcanea University is thrown into chaos in the third book of the Unversity of Sorcery series. This faerie tale of fantasy, magic, and paranormal romance will leave shifters and sorceresses shocked by the ending!

This is a full-length novel over 400 pages. Recommended reading age 16+.

Pre-order today to experience this deadly and delicious fantasy academy series!

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