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Garfield and the Teacher Creature

Grade 1-2

Jim Davis, Jim Kraft, Mike Fentz

Garfield and the Teacher Creature

Paperback (Troll Communications Jan. 1, 1998) , Planet Reader, Chapter Book Edition
It's a down day for your favorite fat cat. First, Jon took Garfield's TV away. And now he's taking Garfield and Odie to the vet! That's the last straw for Garfield. He and Odie decide to leave their unhappy home and try their luck someplace else.

When the neighbors won't take them in, the two pets move into the old, abandoned school. People say it's haunted, but that's just a story, right? Then what's that thing stomping down the hall?

Will Garfield and Odie pass the test of the Teacher Creature?

0816749280 / 9780816749287
4.0 oz.
7.58 x 0.22 in.

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