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Age 6-9
Grade 1-4

John Green

How to Draw Horses

Paperback (Dover Publications Jan. 26, 2009)
Aspiring Picassos will be champing at the bit to get started on this simplified guide to drawing horses. The series of step-by-step, black-and-white illustrations show beginning artists — from 6-years-old and up — how to transform simple lines, curves, and geometric shapes into a variety of spirited steeds. Drawing is a skill that can be taught, and these exercises are easy to follow — and fun!
Renowned artist and educator John Green depicts a diverse array of thirty favorite breeds in a variety of poses. Included are the mighty Clydesdale, golden Palomino, elegant Arabian, spotted Pinto, muscular Lippizaner, energetic Thoroughbred, graceful Hanoverian, and many others. As the artists complete the exercises,using the helpful practice pages, they'll learn how to master the basics of shape and proportion, and ultimately capture the elegance and agility of these magnificent creatures.
Dover How to Draw
0486467597 / 9780486467597
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