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Grade PK-1

Harriet Ziefert, Yukiko Kido

Flip-A-Word: Crab Cab

Hardcover (Blue Apple Books March 11, 2014) , Reprint Edition
Is that crab driving a cab? Will the pot stay hot? Flip a page and watch a crab turn into a dab! Crab Cab features these word families: -ab, -ot, -it Nouns or verbs from a word family are shown. Single words progress into short phrases ("hot spot") and then simple sentences. A die-cut at the bottom of the page encourages kids to turn - and see a new word from the same family, along with a new image (a b-un becomes a s-un). With playful, colorful art done in the "Hello Kitty" style, each book in this interactive phonics series features three different word families. Word families help children recognize similarities between words that rhyme and connect words with matching long, or short, vowel sounds. Kids can then read words that they haven't seen before. Flip-a-Word takes kids from a single word, to a phrase, to a simple sentence. From there, eye-catching illustrations will lead kids to imagine story scenarios only a child could dream up! Kids, parents, teachers - everyone flips for Flip-a-Word!
160905430X / 9781609054304
9.0 oz.
6.46 x 0.41 in.

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