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Maurie Nordstrom, Nancy Nordstrom

Vacation Fun!

language ( Aug. 18, 2011)
Take a step back in time and return to the magical world of your childhood. Now you can share with your preschoolers the same type of gentle, cozy stories that were read to you as a child. These family-centered, feel good adventures about a little girl and her magical, mischievous teddy bear will transport young children into a special world that sparks their imaginations and builds memories that will last forever.

Book 2: “Vacation Fun!”
•Relive the anticipation and fun of your childhood vacations as Checky takes his first vacation with his new family.
•New experiences abound.
•Tasting strange foods, flying in a bi-plane, and finding pirate’s treasure are just a few of the things that make it a vacation to remember.


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