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The Temperate Forest: A Web of Life

Age 8+
Grade 3-4

Philip Johansson

The Temperate Forest: A Web of Life

Paperback (Enslow Publishers, Inc. Nov. 1, 2007)
Somewhere in the temperate forest, a rabbit munches on some grass. An oak tree extends its branches to soak up the sun. A red fox pounces on an unsuspecting squirrel. These are all examples of a biome at work: each member of the community benefiting from another. The temperate forest biome is extremely diverse, with an amazing array of plants and animals. Come take a walk in the woods, and see how the land, climate, plants, and wildlife interact to make the unique temperate forest biome.
A World of Biomes
0766033317 / 9780766033313
4.8 oz.
7.8 x 0.2 in.

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