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Debbie & Richard Lawrence

Inventions & Technology

Paperback (Answers in Genesis Feb. 1, 2016) , 4th edition
Updated 4th edition! Full color! Today's world is a hi-tech place, filled with wonderful inventions. Your child will learn about many of these fascinating inventions in this book. Your child will love learning about the physical principles behind flight as he/she learns about airplanes and rocket engines. Discover the advances in communications as you study the telegraph, telephone, and satellites. And where would our world be without the computer? As your child studies these inventions and many of their inventors, he/she will gain an appreciation for the resourcefulness and ingenuity given to man by a very creative God. 35 lessons. Full-color.
God's Design
1626914559 / 9781626914551
15.2 oz.
8.3 x 0.4 in.

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