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National Geographic Readers: Odd Animals

Age 2-5
Grade PK-K

Rose Davidson

National Geographic Readers: Odd Animals

Paperback (National Geographic Children's Books May 14, 2019)
Get to know the weirdest, silliest, most unique critters in the animal kingdom, from the axolotl to the star-nosed mole! This quirky early reader from National Geographic Kids is full of awesome animals that march (and crawl, swim, and fly) to the beat of their own drum.

Perfect for beginning and young readers, National Geographic Pre-readers include simple, expert-vetted text and large, engaging photos on every page. A vocabulary tree at the beginning of the book introduces kids to key words in concept groups, helping kids make connections between words. Plus, a wrap-up activity gives kids a chance to use what they've learned, while expanding their understanding of the world.
1426333390 / 9781426333392
2.9 oz.
6.0 x 0.1 in.

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