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Pete Leriget

The Campout

eBook (Mister Mitchell, LLC Sept. 1, 2019)
Hi, it's Blitz here again, did you miss me? Anyway, once again, Uncle Drake and I find ourselves in a bit of a pickle. But this time we have help. Her name is Cleo, she's something else, but you'll get a chance to meet her when you get into the book. We find ourselves chasing an illegal trapper and things get a little dicey. We travel to Alturas lake in the Sawtooth Mountains when Uncle Drake gets a whiff in the air of some trouble coming.Okay, I'm not going to give it all away so read, read, read, you're going to have fun. Oh yeah, Pete gets a new friend in his life too, gag, really Hope turns out to be pretty cool too.

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