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Children's Encyclopedia of Birds

Age 3-6
Grade 3-7

Claudia Martin

Children's Encyclopedia of Birds

Hardcover (Arcturus March 15, 2020)

Set off on an extraordinary tour of the world of birds - from powerful eagles and flocking flamingos, to beautiful hummingbirds and clever corvids.

This comprehensive visual encyclopedia brings together cutting-edge knowledge and awe-inspiring ideas with clarity and accuracy. Learn about an osprey's natural swimming goggles, how gentoo penguins can recognize the calls of their own chicks and how birds evolved from feathered dinosaurs.

Children's Encyclopedia of Birds includes stunning photography of many bird species, pointing out their vibrant plumage and distinctive characteristics. Alongside these pictures are amazing facts about their anatomy and behavior. Perfect for children working on a school project, or simply those bonkers about birds, this encyclopedia is a brilliant guide for kids aged 8+.

Arcturus Children's Reference Library (Book 9)
178950600X / 9781789506006
30.4 oz.
9.1 x 0.7 in.

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