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Jaye Bennett

Girl At Arms

Paperback (Royal Fireworks Publishing March 15, 2014)
The story of Joan of Arc is well-known: peasant girl, soldier, miracle worker, heretic burned at the stake and then beatified as a saint. Girl at Arms tells us what it must have been like to be her, growing up in the country, defying family and tradition, even risking her soul by dressing as a boy because she believes she has a calling to save France from the cruelties of English rule. Her story is told alongside that of Erich von Zimmerman, an orphan living on the streets of Frankfurt who dreams of becoming a knight. He steals a horse, rides to France and eventually joins Joan in the battle to relieve the siege of Orleans. Miracles happen when Joan is around; even Nature seems to bow to her will as, at her request, Heaven reverses the wind. Worshipped as "The Maid," she leads the French in a number of stunning victories culminating in the crowning of French king Charles VII, with Joan by his side, in Rheims. However, Normandy does not fall and proves their undoing. Erich is banished and Joan is captured, abandoned by her followers and brought before the Inquisition for heresy. The forces of vengeful English generals and scheming clergy work together to put her to death. It is a tale of triumph and horror, of history and conviction, and ultimately of the fickle nature of loyalty. Author: Jaye Bennett is an education aide at Mt. Vernon Elementary, Springfield, Oregon teaching reading groups of kindergartners to fifth grade. When she could not find many books about young women in history she says she set out to do something about it. "My qualifications are dedication and passion. I delve into research and researched Joan of Arc for many months. And the more I learned about her, the more I liked her."
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