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The Happy Owls
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Celestino Piatti
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Age 5-6
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Celestino Piatti

The Happy Owls

Hardcover (NorthSouth May 1, 2013) , Reprint edition

This is a classic text about enjoying the miracle of every day life. Originally published in 1964, it is being reissued, a testament to Piatti's distinctive artwork. He is particularly known for his innovative use of fonts.

Why are these owls so happy? That’s just what the chickens, ducks, and geese want to know. But when they send a peacock over to find out why, they’re incredulous at reply. How could anyone be happy simply to see the rain and sunshine? What could be so joyful about the flowers and butterflies? Celestino Piatti’s lovely story is a powerful testimony to seeing the beauty in our world and standing apart from the crowd. As Piatti once said, ""You can draw an owl a thousand times, and never find out its secret"".
0735841306 / 9780735841307
7.2 oz.
11.3 x 0.5 in.

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