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Age 5-8
Grade K-3

Camilla Bedoyere

Biggest and Smallest

Paperback (Firefly Books Dec. 23, 2010)

A new series of colorful and lighthearted books that compares opposites in the weird and wonderful animal kingdom.

Children are often intrigued by extremes in the world around them and how they compare to each other -- the biggest and the smallest, the fastest and the slowest, the smartest and the silliest. These books describe and illustrate animals' characteristics and compare them to animals with exactly the opposite characteristics. Young readers will learn fascinating facts about dozens of creatures from around the world while having some serious fun.

All of the books include practical notes for parents and teachers about learning activities and games.

The enormous and tiny animals in Biggest and Smallest come from all continents and some lived long ago. The sauroposeifon reached 40 feet but had a tiny head. Foraminifera jellyfish, too tiny to be seen without a microscope, lived on Earth 500 million years ago. The stinkpot turtle is just 2 inches long, but the venomous goliath bird-eating spider is the size of a dinner plate -- that's 12 inches! There are other extremes in Biggest and Smallest, too, such as the loudest land animal, the howler monkey, and the scariest reptile, the reticulated python.

Animal Opposites
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