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Katherine Paterson

Bridge to Teribithia

Paperback (Scholastic Jan. 1, 2007) , Movie Tie-In Edition
Bridge to teribithia, best book ever talked about Terebithia was a magical land which took shape after Leslie Burke moved to yet another school where she didn't fit in. Prettier than the popular cheerleaders, but too different to be accepted, she'd had to live in a fantasy world all ehr own as no one had ever had the time to listen. She was harassed by the nasty girls who would turn into people like the agitator at the last movie. She observed that her neighbor was treated badly by the bullies on the playground and on their school bus. She sat beside him so they'd leave him alone.
0545003350 / 9780545003353
3.2 oz.
7.4 x 5.2 in.

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