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Runaway Pop-Star: A Kpop Romance Book

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Jennie Bennett

Runaway Pop-Star: A Kpop Romance Book

Paperback (Independently published Dec. 11, 2018)
Jackie Bartell has always loved Take5’s Jax, but the pop star has been missing for over a year. When playing a gig with her ska band near the Santa Monica Pier, she spots Jax listening at the back of the room. Dropping her trumpet, she runs after him. As much as she tries to catch up, she can’t match his speed and soon he crosses the busy highway, begging her not to follow.Several months later, Jackie walks into a local music shop to apply for a job and finds herself face to face with Jax once more. This time, she manages to keep her cool, and Jax doesn’t seem to recognize her with a new haircut and color.With her passion for music and a kind heart, she nails the interview and her biggest dream comes true—getting to spend every day with her favorite pop-star. She only wants his friendship, but Jax’s flirtations grow stronger as time passes, and Jackie can’t resist his charm. Everything would be fairy-tale perfect, except for the lie she keeps of Jax’s identity. With their relationship growing stronger every day, Jackie must decide between honesty and love.
Kpop Romance (Book 6)
1791507301 / 9781791507305
7.8 oz.
5.0 x 0.4 in.

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