Grade 1-2

Doris Rueger

The Enchanted Garden

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform March 27, 2013)
Valery spent the summers with her grandparents in their Enchanted Garden. Always greeted by fairies at the gate with dancing and playful games, she felt safe, protected, and loved. But when the time came to depart for boarding school, Valery was sad to leave this wonderful place of enchantment, comfort, and unconditional love, for the difficult world outside the Garden. After longing to be in the Garden again, Valery finally returned, but to her dismay, her fairy friends were nowhere to be found. When a tireless search for her friends exhausted her, she fell ill and neither doctors nor her parents could save her. If Valery was ever going to get better and find her friends again, she needed to trust the advice of a wise old frog named Raymond and learn to live in the moment and enjoy the world around her. This delightful new children’s book by Doris Rueger teaches young readers to express their feelings, solve problems, and love the magic of life that is all around them in each moment. Accompanying beautiful, childlike illustrations in watercolor completely immerse children in this charming tale filled with love, friendship, and wonder. And Raymond, the frog, is here to listen to each child reader’s worries and concerns and help!
148101398X / 9781481013987
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8.5 x 0.2 in.