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Grade 4-6

Phillip Reed


Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Oct. 6, 2016) , 1 edition
Zion is a Lightwalker. In a world where there is no color, only Lightwalkers can see glimpses and flashes of color. After his father passes away, Zion sets out on a mission to find the Sun and bring color back to the world. The path will lead him into the depths of the Dark Forest where something sinister waits in the deepest shadows. Before his task can be completed, Zion will be forced to face enemies around every turn of the Dark Forest and find revelation about the truth within his own heart. How much can he take without breaking? How far will the path lead him away from all he has ever known? Will the darkness be able to stop the LIGHTWALKER?
1539367460 / 9781539367468
9.3 oz.
6.0 x 0.3 in.