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The Apprentice
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M.L. Hall

The Apprentice

language (M.L.Hall Feb. 25, 2013) , 2 edition
"This book offers a story that is creative, historical, and skillfully crafted. Thick with just the right amounts of drama and danger, every chapter left me wanting more."

"A Knight tale with heart & substantce. . . . .The twist at the end of the book leaves you wanting more and looking forward to the sequel."

After five years of apprenticeship, Artamos De'spada travels north on a trial mission that will bring him to the climax of his training in the king's secretive Black Knight society. Accompanying him is his mentor, Adrian Rizzo "Rizz", and fellow Black Knight, Falita Kain.
Artamos's mission is simple; escort of the king's betrothed safely from the Cromanian boarder to Caltania. It's a five day travel in which Artamos is required to lead Rizz, Falita, and others. But the trip is wrought with danger, and while Artamos struggles to maintain command in the face of his youth he must work to protect the king's betrothed from bandits while facing forbidden love and betrayal.

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