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Will My Daddy Ever Work Again?

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Grade 1-2

James Howard Carr

Will My Daddy Ever Work Again?

Paperback (Alabama Hills Press June 23, 2009) , 1 edition
Will My Daddy Ever Work Again? is the warm-hearted yet emotionally difficult journey of a family struggling through long-term unemployment and the ensuing financial issues, such as currently are disrupting thousands of families in America. The family's trials and tribulations are described as seen through the innocent eyes of the family's eldest child of three younger children. Will My Daddy Ever Work Again? is written with two purposes: First, for parents to read with younger children to help them understand their family's unfortunate turn of events, using clear examples of scenarios that either have occurred or may yet unfold in any family experiencing difficult employment and financial times. Second, a child of reading age can experience the story firsthand, and personally realize that their family is not the only family experiencing such difficulties in America, and hopefully feel some comfort in that knowledge. In all, Will My Daddy Ever Work Again? is specifically written to present uncomfortable circumstances and raise important questions regarding our national economic difficulties, and give parents a comfortable way to discuss these many personal problems in a simple, calm, and loving manner with their younger children so to allay their confusion and fear over their current life circumstances
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