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DK Adventures: Battle in the Air

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Age 8-11
Grade 3-6

Rupert Matthews

DK Adventures: Battle in the Air

Paperback (DK CHILDREN Dec. 15, 2014)

World War II was a time of daring and bravery that changed the lives of both WWII soldiers and ordinary people around the world — even those who didn't fight on the battlefield. Now children can learn more about World War II through an interesting book that teaches World War II facts through story. They may not even realize they're learning at all! DK Adventures books combine story and visual elements to appeal to both avid readers and visual learners.

In DK Adventures: Battle in the Air, Zoe and Zak discover a battered old metal box that belonged to their grandfather when he was in the Navy. As they look through the box, Granddad tells stories about the Battle of Britain and life during World War II. Through this compelling story, your child will learn about the experiences of WWII Navy pilots, women's anti-aircraft gun crews, and how schoolchildren of the 1940s dealt with World War II.

DK Adventures is a book series that reluctant readers can enjoy as much as bookworms do! This series combines captivating, fictional stories with nonfiction facts to encourage learning and engagement in your child. The stories keep children interested, and the facts teach critical skills and knowledge — the fiction and nonfiction elements work together to keep each child's interest high, to build knowledge, and to enrich the narrative reading experience with fascinating background information. These books are filled with information, but the stories make them incredibly readable. DK Adventures are available in a range of kid-friendly topics, including dinosaurs, cars, and the human body, and each book supports Common Core State Standards and literacy skills.

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