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Leonardo and the Flying Boy

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Age 6+
Grade 1-3

Laurence Anholt

Leonardo and the Flying Boy

Hardcover (B.E.S. Publishing Sept. 1, 2000) , 1st Edition
There were no spaceships or airplanes when Zoro was a boy. He lived in Italy during the era we now call the Renaissance, a time when the sky belonged to the birds. But one unusual man dreamed of incredible flying machines. "One day, Zoro," he told his pupil, "people will sail through the clouds and look down at the world below." Zoro was curious. He knew that his teacher did more than merely dream about the future, but was an important artist and inventor. Then Zoro made an astonishing discovery. His teacher was building a mysterious machine. A machine intended to fly! Here begins a fascinating story based on a true event, for Zoro's master was the famous artist and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci. Full-color illustrations throughout this beautiful book include reproductions of some of Leonardo's famous artworks.
0764152254 / 9780764152252
10.4 oz.
8.69 x 0.31 in.

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