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The Haunted House on Broad Street

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Jenny Brown

The Haunted House on Broad Street

It is fall in a quiet neighborhood filled with old Victorian houses. All of the houses are clean, neat, and pretty, except for the big one at the end of the block, which everyone thinks is haunted. Now Robert would do anything to impress his big cousin Ethan, who is probably the coolest kid in town. Even though Ethan is only two years older than Robert, he still treats Robert like a baby. Robert is tired of it! So how can he prove that he is just as cool and grown-up as Ethan and his fourth-grade friends? Robert gets his chance, but unfortunately but it comes at a price! Ethan dares Robert and his best friend Kevin to spend the night in the big, old-fashioned house on the corner of Broad Street. The house that’s been abandoned for more than fifty years, which everyone says is haunted! Robert can’t think of anything he’d less like to do, but he knows he has no choice if he wants to impress Ethan. Besides, Kevin will be with him, so it’s not like he’ll be alone, and there is no such thing as a real haunted house. Is there? However as it turns out, the scary Victorian house is a lot scarier than the boys expect. With creaking floorboards, ghostly noises, and strange flashing lights. They don’t get a wink of sleep, and they can’t help but wonder if they’ll survive until morning!

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