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The Forgotten
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J.A. Templeton
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Julia Templeton
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J.A. Templeton

The Forgotten

(Julia Templeton Feb. 9, 2016)
Seventeen-year-old psychic Madison Seaton’s life changed the second she arrived at the University of Edinburgh. Before she can enjoy her freshman year, she's targeted by the spirit of Jaime, a girl who had gone missing months before. Jaime needed Madison's help to find her killer, but now that her body’s been found, she’s MIA. The same can’t be said for the malevolent spirits who want Madison to steer clear of the killer and his victims. Despite the danger she is in, Jaime’s brother, Haven continues to push Madison to find the killer. He won't stop until he gets justice for his sister. Madison’s hometown crush, Shane insists she forget about Jaime and the killer and get on with her life, but that's hard to do when no one will leave her alone. Torn between the two handsome men and her conscience that is telling her to find the killer, Madison has to make a decision—ignore the psychic visions and clues or keep digging for answers and become the killer’s next victim.
193986318X / 9781939863188
11.2 oz.
5.2 x 0.6 in.

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