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Gelett Burgess: Collected Works

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Gelett Burgess

Gelett Burgess: Collected Works

language ( March 25, 2019)
Frank Gelett Burgess was an author humorist, poet, and artist. He was the author of the popular Goops books (manners and Etiquette for children and teenagers), nonsense verse "The Purple Cow". This eBook contains Burgess's complete works (9 books, Children’s Books, Humorous Poems, Psychological & War Fiction and Essay in one volume) with more than 250 high quality illustrations. This eBook is carefully formatted for eBook readers, easy to read, easy to navigate with fully functional table of contents.

Included Works:

1. The Goop Directory Of Juvenile Offenders Famous For Their Misdeeds And Serving As A Salutary Example For All Virtuous Children (Manners & Etiquette for children and teenagers)
2. More Goops And How Not To Be Them (Manners & Etiquette for children and teenagers)
3. Goops And How To Be Them (Manners & Etiquette for children and teenagers)
4. The Romance Of The Commonplace (Essay)
5. The Purple Cow (Nonsense verse)
6. The Heart Line: A Drama Of San Francisco (Fiction)
7. Are You A Bromide? (Wit and Humor)
8. The White Cat (Psychological)
9. War The Creator (World War I)

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