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The Mimic Stage
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. George
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George M. Baker
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. George

The Mimic Stage

(George M. Baker July 3, 2017)
The gratifying success of a previous volume of “Amateur Dramas,” and the increasing demand for pieces of a light character suitable for representation without the usual costly theatrical accessories, has induced the writer to prepare a second volume for publication. Like the first, it contains pieces which have been specially prepared for occasional exhibitions, society benefits, and parlor theatricals, and which have only been admitted to “the mimic stage” after having stood the test of public approval. For their production, no scenery is required. A moderate-sized room, having folding-doors or hanging curtains to separate the audience from the actors; costumes such as the modern wardrobe will easily supply, with now and then a foray on some good old grandmother's trunks; a wig or two; a few pieces of chalk; red paint; and India-ink,-is all the “extraordinary preparations” and “great expense” necessary.
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