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Jessica Park

Flat-Out Celeste

language (Flat Finn, Inc. May 22, 2014)
For high-school senior Celeste Watkins, every day is a brutal test of bravery. And Celeste is scared. Alienated because she’s too smart, her speech too affected, her social skills too far outside the norm, she seems to have no choice but to retreat into isolation.

But college could set her free, right? If she can make it through this grueling senior year, then maybe. If she can just find that one person to throw her a lifeline, then maybe, just maybe.

Justin Milano, a college sophomore with his own set of quirks, could be that person to pull her from a world of solitude. To rescue her—that is, if she’ll let him.

Together, they may work. Together, they may save each other. And together they may also save another couple—two people Celeste knows are absolutely, positively flat-out in love.

Whether you were charmed by Celeste in Flat-Out Love or are meeting her for the first time, this book is a joyous celebration of differences, about battling private wars that rage in our heads and in our hearts, and—very much so— this is a story about first love.

"I didn't think that this story would grab me like Flat-Out Love did. I knew I would love it, but I didn't know I would FREAKING LOVE IT as much as I do.” -Reader Chrystle W.

"As anxious as I was to finish this book, part of me wanted it to last forever. So many big, fuzzy, feel-filled hearts for Jessica Park and this book.” -Kimberly Faye Reads

Kristie Pierce: "I don't know how anyone can walk away from this book and not be inspired. Or full of hope.” -Reader Kristie P.

"Flat-Out Celeste is for anyone who has ever felt like an outcast. For anyone who thinks they’re a little different. For anyone who’s clumsy. For anyone who thinks outside the box. For anyone who doesn’t follow social norms. For anyone who feels socially awkward. For anyone who has been picked on. For anyone who has sat alone at lunch. For anyone who knows what it’s like to question if you really have friends. For anyone who is sad….” -Literary Binge

"Flat-Out Celeste was a brave, heart-wrenching story of a girl trying desperately to live life unlabeled. It’s smart, funny, sweet, and at times even painful.” -Love Between the Sheets

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