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The Alpha Star Finder: A planisphere

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Firefly Books

The Alpha Star Finder: A planisphere

Misc. Supplies (Firefly Books July 6, 2002)

The Alpha Star Finder is a handy, portable guide to assist any astronomer in locating stars, constellations, planets and other celestial objects. All the stars are visible to the naked eye . It displays every star of magnitude 1 to 4 and a few of magnitude 5. Simply rotate the Star Finder's transparent disks to the date and time of observation to reveal the visible night sky.

The Zenith "Z" (the highest point in the sky, overhead for the observer) is set for latitude 46° North.

1552976475 / 9781552976470
5.1 oz.
9.0 x 0.2 in.

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