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LJ Andrews


eBook (Victorious Publishing Oct. 21, 2019) , 1 edition
Lightborn exist in hiding as a war of gods and empires begins.

Isabelle escaped from a fallen empire with a barely-magical Fireshaper, and an amulet with a power only she can sense. Once a talented thief, now she sails with Roark, a scribe who knows how to kill, and she plays nursemaid to a child too innocent to understand the danger surrounding their world. Life is far from ideal.

Roark knows the way to the Forgotten Isles, the one place there could be a hidden temple of the Mount. With the hope of finding more Lightborn to stand against growing darkness, they plot to abandon the ship and run for their lives.

Their plan is ruined, of course.

When dark power seeks to take Isa, Roark is forced to improvise to keep her alive. They needed the lost Lightborn to fulfill a prophecy and restore shattered lands. Now, they need the power of the god-blessed people to understand why evil wants Isa, and why an eccentric soothsayer calls her…Nightmaker.

Readers of the Night Angel Trilogy and An Ember in the Ashes will devour the second book in an epic fantasy series filled with unique magic, diverse characters, and adventure on every page.

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