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Thursday's Child
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Noel Streatfeild
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Armada Lions S
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Noel Streatfeild

Thursday's Child

Paperback (ARMADA LIONS March 15, 1973) , n.e. edition
Margaret Thursday grandly announced to the orphanage children, 'I'm not properly an orphan. I was found on a Thursday on the church step, with three of everything, all the very best quality.' (Occasionally Margaret's story included embroidered crowns on her clothes as well.) And each time she was asked, 'Who do you think you might be then?' she had dozens of ready replies. Whoever she was, Margaret had made herself the arch enemy of the crel matron. Soon things reached such a dreadful state that she decided to run away from St. Luke's, but not without Peter and Horatio, and her three of everything.... So the children fled in the night to become the unlikeliest leggers ever seen on a canal boat. And Margaret proved that she was a person of the very best quality....
Armada Lions S
9780006705 / 9780006705550
0.8 oz.
6.9 x 4.1 in.

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