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Danger on Panther Peak
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Bill Wallace
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Age 8-12
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Bill Wallace

Danger on Panther Peak

Paperback (Aladdin Jan. 29, 2008) , Reissue edition

Stay off Panther Peak.

When Tom and his family move to his grandfather's ranch, Grandpa warns Tom to stay away from Panther Peak, even though there hasn't been a panther in the area for decades. But when Tom sees a large, black creature in the mountains near their ranch, and something starts killing off their livestock, he has to wonder -- could Grandpa's tales about panthers be true?

One winter morning Tom sees a dark shape move silently through the fog, spooking the animals in the barn. Later that day Tom and his grandfather are home alone when a blizzard hits and Grandpa is injured in an accident. With the phone lines dead, Tom must take his horse and ride for help -- by himself -- through the panther's territory. Can he reach safety in time to save his grandfather before the panther strikes again?
141694110X / 9781416941101
4.0 oz.
5.1 x 0.5 in.

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