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Plants vs. Zombies Volume 12: Dino-Might

Age 8-12
Grade 3-7

Paul Tobin, Ron Chan

Plants vs. Zombies Volume 12: Dino-Might

Hardcover (Dark Horse Books Feb. 26, 2019)
When plants, zombies, pets, and dinosaurs all meet--it's sure to be a crazy day!

Dr. Zomboss is back with another set of nefarious plans to defeat the pesky plants and Neighborville's resident adventurers Nate and Patrice! When Zomboss sets his sights on destroying the yards in town and rendering the plants homeless without anywhere to grow, it's up to the daring duo, along with Crazy Dave and his band of plants, to thwart his plans and claim victory once again! However, it turns out that those plans include dogs, cats, rabbits, hammock sloths, and even more pets, plus dinosaurs, making things a lot zanier.

The kid-acclaimed and critically-acclaimed team of Paul Tobin and Ron Chan return to the pages of Plants vs. Zombies to deliver another thrilling, joke-filled fracas! Also featuring a bonus story by PvZ newcomer artist, Philip Murphy, this graphic novel is not to be missed!
Plants Vs. Zombies (Book 12)
1506708382 / 9781506708386
12.0 oz.
6.3 x 0.5 in.

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